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About Us

Who we are:

Gordz Hot Sauce is Canada's #1 Seed-to-Bottle Grower and Producer of a line of fine hot sauces. With ingredients that fresh, quality never tasted so good!

How we began:

Gordz Hot Sauce began by wanting an incredibly flavourful hot sauce that was low in salt and vinegar and all natural. We started by growing the finest peppers pesticide, herbicide and chemical free until they reached their peak. These fresh peppers are then used to make the famous all natural Gordz Hot Sauce.  As demand grew for our unique hot sauce, we started Gordz Pepper Ranch and the product line then extended to include more fresh ingredients from the Pepper Ranch, to create a blend of flavour and fire with colour and textures to please the palate and enhance one’s dining experience. You can pour, spread, dip, marinate or add any of Gordz Hot Sauce products to your favourite dishes! There are so many creative uses for each of Gordz Hot Sauce products, some of which you can find in our recipes section.


Join us in the adventure of growing Gordz Hot Sauce!