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Gordz Hot Sauce is Canada’s #1 “seed-to-bottle” GROWER and PRODUCER of an all natural hot sauce and other fine sauces. We blend flavour and fire with fresh ingredients grown here on Gordz Pepper Ranch in Ontario. All our peppers are grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides and contain no additives or preservatives! We grow all kinds of peppers from mild to super hot, including Guinness World Record Holding Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), Moruga Scorpion. Naga Morich, 7 Pots and so many more! We are a husband and wife team that grow our own hot peppers and vegetables, which we process in our commercial food processing facility located here on Gordz Pepper Ranch! How local is that?

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De la semence à l'embouteillage, les meilleures sauces piquantes au Canada proviennent de Gordz Hot Sauce,  cultivées et transformées naturellement sur la ferme Gordz Pepper Ranch en Ontario où des mélanges brûlants et savoureux sont créés. Nos piments frais, cultivés sans pesticide ou herbicide chimique, ne contiennent aucun agent de conservation ni additif! Nous cultivons toute une gamme de piments, du plus doux au plus fort, entre autres, le Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), le Moruga Scorpion, le Naga Morich, le 7 pots et le fameux Carolina Reaper, détenteur du record mondial de Guinness pour sa chaleur intense. Nous sommes une équipe mari Hot Saucesfemme et nous cultivons nous-mêmes nos piments et légumes, transformés dans notre usine agroalimentaire, située ici-même sur la ferme de Gordz Pepper Ranch! Il n'y a pas plus local que ça!

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 Cellphone CONTACT : 1-250-489-9872

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"Attention all lovers of hot sauce products: We live in an age where sadly the majority of hot sauce manufacturers spend far too much time designing comical labels, and not enough time on product quality. These same products come with the promise of unparalleled mouth watering hot pepper goodness, and instead at best deliver diluted mediocrity. Out of the broken shards of unfulfilled empty tiny bottles has risen a hot pepper phoenix. The company name is GORDZ HOT SAUCE and is in my opinion THE only hot pepper product available today that delivers in spades the promises that everyone else can only dream of. Now if this comment strikes you as being a little bit “over the top” guess again … this stuff really is that good and more. From jar to jar, month to month, and year to year, not only is the product of consistently high quality, it actually seems to be getting better. I have no idea how they do it so well, and I don’t really care … as long as they keep doing it. Don’t waste your time with off the shelf catchy label dilutions any longer. Get the real thing and more, every single time with GORDZ HOT SAUCE."

Paul Menard - Ottawa

"It has been over a month since I scraped the dregs out of my last bottle of Gordz Hot Sauce. For as long, a tiny dark cloud has been shadowing all of my midnight forays into the refrigerated abyss that is my domestic snack cache. There, on the ledge, steadfastly staring through me, are three empty bottles of your hell's nectar. All perverse reminders of what once was. Why I have not disposed of them is truly beyond my comprehension. Perhaps they have become tiny shrines to the gods of fire, flavour and fromage! Yet, it is not like I haven't tried to fill the void. Copious amounts of dried cayenne, jalapeno peppers and goodness forbid, mass produced, store bought vermilion hued liquified salt. Gasp! I just ate six cloves of raw garlic... Gord, grand sage, alchemic wizard of capsicum, what feverish curse have you shone upon me! There was a time, long ago, when a piece of cheese on a wafer inspired a mild bliss. But now, in the absence of your condiments, all savoury treats are but gnarly twigs sprouted from the frozen tundra. Alas, there is no turning back and the lure of tastier things mustn't be ignored. I am guided by my senses and surely a blazing star shines above your pepper grove and it is in this direction that I shall tread. Cheers to you, O Evil One! "
Mark Cartile - Montreal


I saw Gordz's booth at Landsdowne Farmers Market in Ottawa. I never pass up a chance to sample new hot sauces, so I sauntered over. There I met the husband of Team Gordz, and he had me sample a few of his sauces. They were pretty good, but not hot enough for me. I think he detected that from me, because he asked me "are you looking for hotter?". So he reached down behind his counter and pulled out a jar of XXX. After sampling it, I knew I had to have a jar to take back home with me to Calgary.

Gordz's XXX Hot Sauce has a consistency similar to relish. When it touches your tongue, you are immediately rewarded with a sweet and savoury flavour, presumably from the carrots and onions listed in the ingredients. A moment later, your tongue will tingle, and you will feel a light warmth to your face and scalp. That's when you decide to investigate further, so you go in for another taste. But your senses are now awoken and on alert, so the heat from the next taste kicks in right away. The heat covers your tongue and mouth, and starts to come out as euphoric sweat beading on your face and scalp. But you want more, so you go back to the bottle... and you experience bliss, pure bliss, and it is wonderful.

Thank you Gordz for making this sauce!

Kenny Wallace - Calgary


I've been buying Gordz Hot Sauce in various forms, Regular, Scorpion, and XXX for the last two years. I put it on almost everything except ice cream. HMMM that gives me a thought? I've tried hot sauce from Trinadad to Texas to Thailand and there is no comparison. It's not just the heat, it's the overall blending and flavoring that compares to a fine cognac or brandy. Hmmm, another thought just came to mind? I just had some Gordz on my scrambled eggs and perhaps that is why my thought process is running so high. Having said that, this sauce must be checked for it’s scientific, and cognitive value as well. Such clarity!!! I have spoken to Gord at length and must say that he is indeed a hot sauce specialist. He grows everything from scratch, and you can taste the heart and soul that he puts into every savoury jar!!! This is the only Hot Sauce in my fridge, and it “Stands Guard” over all other condiments. How Canadian is that!!! This sauce is world class and will certainly become a household name one day soon. In my household it rules!!!

Brian Douris – The Wailing Hobos