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Enjoy these delicious recipes with Gordz's original Hot Sauce and other fine products! 


Gordz Fresh Garden Salsa


Do you enjoy salsa with ingredients fresh from the garden? We sure do!  Here is how to make Gordz Fresh Garden Salsa using your own ingredients from your garden:  #growyourown


Salsa OFM shot




 10          Roma tomatoes (chopped)

 1.5 c      green onions (chopped)

 2-3 tbsp Cilantro springs (chopped)

 1 tsp      ginger

 2             garlic cloves

 3 tbsp    balsamic vinegar

 2 tbsp    olive oil

 1.5 tsp   sugar

 0.5 tsp   salt

 2 tsp      Gordz Hot Sauce ~ Get yours here!




Mix all ingredients in food processor and process until  desired consistency, chill and serve with hint-lime-tortilla-chips for even bigger flavor!



*** Gordz Fresh Salsa doubles as bruschetta atop homemade bread! 



Gordz Hot Sauce Chicken


GHS n Chicken BBQ skewers 400x400px



2 tsp          Gordz Hot Sauce ~ Get yours here!

3 tbsp    Olive oil

4           chicken breasts




Mix together and marinate chicken for 30 minutes or more, then grill.  Fast and easy, all the way to flavor city!


Gordz Maple Chipotle Salmon


GHS Chipotles n maple salmon 400 x 400 px



1 tsp (heaping)       Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles

¼ cup                    Pure Canadian Maple syrup

1 lb                        Salmon filet




Mix together and marinate salmon, wrap in cedar shakes tied with a bow and BBQ. This candies the salmon and there is nothing like this!  #Delicious


Gordz Habanero Nasturtium Roast Pork


Gives a nice dark crust that is sweet with a hint of heat.  Serve with your favorite side.


GHS Habanero Nasturtium Jelly on Pork for BBQ 800 x 600 px




Roast of fresh Ontario Pork


Enough Gordz Habanero Nasturtium Jelly to cover entire roast.




Roast, smoke or BBQ to perfection! 


Gordz Piri-Piri BBQ Chicken


GHS piri piri chicken kebabs 400x400px



2           chicken breasts

2-3 tsp   Gordz Piri-Piri hot sauce (more if you like)

3 tbsp    olive oil




Mix the ingredients and marinate the chicken for an hour or more, skewer with veggies of choice, then grill.