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Read all about peppers and our farm, even enjoy a recipe or two.

Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Spring is a busy time for Gordz Hot Sauce. We have to plan out our gardens while we continue sowing seeds, with the addition of watering all the young plants frequently. While the weather is cool and the snow melts away, we take the opportunity to clean up the property and prepare for new gardens.

We have decided to alternate gardens and parks throughout Gordz Pepper Ranch, as we grow and reclaim the land of this old homestead. Once the plans are made, we set to tilling and hilling new gardens while removing old shrubs and debris, opening up previously unused areas.

As the temps start to rise, we then we get down to the task of making all the pepper gardens. We prefer the French-style of gardening with raised beds. It saves the gardens from drowning during the rainy season, which is typically spring in this region. We also use micro-irrigation to minimize water waste and landscape fabric to reduce weeds naturally. After creating all the beds and planting all the vegetable gardens, we begin plannting 1000s of young pepper plants in various stages of growth, one by one, all by hand. The weeding is done by hand here at Gordz Pepper Ranch as well. 

The bird song around Gordz Pepper Ranch is amazing! We live in a birdcage, only we are in the cage (house) so to speak! The birds seem to work in tandem with us in the gardens, walking along the beds as we plant.

This is the beginning 2015...


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Wednesday, 01 December 2021
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