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Read all about peppers and our farm, even enjoy a recipe or two.

SALAD Season is here!

Caesars-Revenge-01 A spicy twist on chicken caesar salad
With Spring fast approaching, salad season is here with fresh local greens from the field in the next couple of weeks, sooner if from a greenhouse like Ramzy at JARDINS CARYA, who also has FRESH sprouts or microgreens! How tasty are they! We grow our lettuce near the kitchen in staggered containers (saves weeding). It grows fast and is ready to eat in no time! Sew easy. :)

Do you #growyourown or do you buy yours? Do you prefer to buy local fresh food? There are long time farm stores like QUINN FARM where you can buy local, especially with farmers markets closed during these strange times. There are farm stores that even offer exotic meats like BEARBROOK GAME FARM!  We have so many delicious local options, there is no need to go hungry! If you find yourself not knowing where to find good local food, just reach out to us and we will try to help direct you to the very best local food. We just about know 'em all ;)

Gordz Hot Sauce is always available at 24/7 and you can shop direct on our #website. #shoponline #BuyCanadian


These fresh greens pictured below are a sampling of varieties grown in our gardens here at Gordz Hot Sauce.  How delicious do they look? 

Fresh lettuce

 Fresh Arugula

Fresh Asparagus

Fresh Chard

Fresh Lovage

Fresh Cherry Tomato

We thought we would share our spicy twist on the classic caesar salad:


2 cloves garlic chopped

2 tbsp capers chopped

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 egg yolk

2 tbsp wine vinegar

1 tsp (or more) Gordz Piri Piri Hot Sauce

150 ml or 2/3rd's of a cup of olive oil

Mix first 6 ingredients in large bowl

SLOWLY drizzle in olive oil while whisking constantly until a creamy dressing comes together.

** Cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days.

Add bacon bits if you desire and/or a grilled chicken breast on top of your one meal salad (as pictured here), then sprinkle with parmesan cheese once assembled and enjoy!

Get your Gordz Piri-Piri Hot Sauce at 

Spicy Creations of Comfort Food during CoVid-19


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Wednesday, 01 December 2021
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