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Gordz Special Reserve

Gordz Special Reserve is a pure pepper mash produced from superhot peppers with a minimum SHU of 1,000,000! This mash has incredible fresh pepper flavour! For the true hot pepper lover! 41 ml
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Gordz Special Reserve Nutrition Label cut 1

 Gordz Special Reserve


Gordz Special Reserve is a SuperHOT Mash produced from a selection of the hottest peppers in the world all grown here at Gordz Pepper Ranch! The superhot peppers in this bottle are all over 1,000,000 SHU! A wonderful blend of superhot peppers, fresh squeezed lime juice and sea salt.  A superhot treat for the true hot pepper lover!


This superhot mash is made from a variety of superhot peppers, where the mildest pepper is the famous Ghost pepper! Add to that a few heavy hitters such as naga morich, 7 pot, trinidad scorpion and more up to and including the Carolina Reapers (the current Guinness World Record holder) and you have yourself one heck of a hot mash! 


There is little on the face of the planet that is all natural and appreciably hotter than this!




41 ml

HEAT   10


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