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Gordz Spicy Cranberries

Gordz Spicy Cranberries are a delightfully different take on Cranberry sauce! 250 ml
Sales price: $7.99
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Gordz Spicy Cranberries ~ Sauce de Canneberges Épicée


A delightfully different take on Cranberry sauce. Sweet on the tongue followed by the tang of cranberries and spice with a bit of heat on the end dancing delectably with turkey, chicken or cheese! Gordz Spicy Cranberries are decadent drizzled over baked brie with a fresh baguette and a glass of wine ~ sublime!





Tuesday, 08 December 2020
I always love this products and share it with my friends.
Chih-Ying Lay
Wednesday, 09 July 2014
Gordz Spicy Cranberries is great on baked brie, tasty when stirred into light ricotta cheese and topped with chopped nuts, and can even be stirred into plain yogurt with some nuts and a little sweetening of your choice.
C.F. Cornwall