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Gordz Logo 2Gordz Hot Sauce is Canada’s #1 “seed-to-bottle” GROWER and PRODUCER of an all natural hot sauce and other fine sauces. We blend flavour and fire with fresh ingredients grown here on Gordz Pepper Ranch in Ontario. All our peppers are grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides and contain no additives or preservatives! We grow all kinds of peppers from mild to super hot, including Guinness World Record Holding Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), Moruga Scorpion. Naga Morich, 7 Pots and so many more! We are a husband and wife team that grow our own hot peppers and vegetables, which we process in our commercial food processing facility located here on Gordz Pepper Ranch! How local is that?


De la semence à l'embouteillage, les meilleures sauces piquantes au Canada proviennent de Gordz Hot Sauce, cultivées et transformées naturellement sur la ferme Gordz Pepper Ranch en Ontario où des mélanges brûlants et savoureux sont créés. Nos piments frais, cultivés sans pesticide ou herbicide chimique, ne contiennent aucun agent de conservation ni additif! Nous cultivons toute une gamme de piments, du plus doux au plus fort, entre autres, le Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia), le Moruga Scorpion, le Naga Morich, le 7 pots et le fameux Carolina Reaper, détenteur du record mondial de Guinness pour sa chaleur intense. Nous sommes une équipe mari et femme et nous cultivons nous-mêmes nos piments et légumes, transformés dans notre usine agroalimentaire, située ici-même sur la ferme de Gordz Pepper Ranch! Il n'y a pas plus local que ça!


Hot Sauces ~ Sauces Piquantes


 5 GHS n pink hearts




 GHS n map of Canada





                                                 GHS CHIP XXX SR White BKGD 






  available now 7 pot copy

Gordz Special Reserve

Gordz Special Reserve

Product details

Sales price: $15.00

 Gordz Special Reserve


Gordz Special Reserve is a SuperHOT Mash produced from a selection of the hottest peppers in the world all grown here at Gordz Pepper Ranch! The superhot peppers in this bottle are all over 1,000,000 SHU! A wonderful blend of superhot peppers, fresh squeezed lime juice and sea salt.  A superhot treat for the true hot pepper lover!


This superhot mash is made from a variety of superhot peppers, where the mildest pepper is the famous Ghost pepper! Add to that a few heavy hitters such as naga morich, 7 pot, trinidad scorpion and more up to and including the Carolina Reapers (the current Guinness World Record holder) and you have yourself one heck of a hot mash! 


There is little on the face of the planet that is all natural and appreciably hotter than this!




41 ml

HEAT   10

hab no bkgnd

Gordz Hot Sauce

Gordz Hot Sauce

Product details

Sales price: $7.00

Gordz Hot Sauce ~ Sauce Piquante

Gordz Hot Sauce is comprised of 7 varieties of hot peppers that blend flavour and fire with ingredients fresh from Gordz Pepper Ranch! Gordz Hot Sauce is ALL NATURAL. Grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides and contains no additives or preservatives. Gordz Hot Sauce has less than 1% RDA/tbsp of sodium with no added sugar, so it’s healthy too!  Gordz Hot Sauce can be used as the heat and unique flavour in your salsa, spaghetti, chili or as an appetizer - take a cracker, stack old cheddar cheese and a smoked oyster with a little Gordz Hot Sauce on top! Let your palate dance to the amazing layers of flavours!



HEAT  7.5


Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles

Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles

Product details

Sales price: $7.00

Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles Fumés


Gordz Smokin’ Chipotles are deep, dark and smoky! Fresh Jalapenos, dried then smoked with apple and cherry wood, then rehydrated in Gordz Adobo Sauce before being pureed for ease of use.They make a great addition to any of your Mexican dishes, as well as a base for an amazing BBQ sauce!




Heat   7                           

Single Hot Pepper NO BKGD

Gordz XXX

Gordz XXX

Product details

Sales price: $10.00

 Gordz XXX


Gordz XXX is an intensely HOT sauce produced from a selection of the hottest peppers in the world, ranging from Ghost peppers all the way up to the Carolina Reapers! Made with the same care as Gordz Hot Sauce, but with XXXtra heat from the fresh super hot peppers all grown here at Gordz Pepper Ranch! Intense fresh flavours that explode on your tongue as the heat sets in blending serious flavour and fire! Just one glorious taste and the XXX addiction begins…

HEAT   9

 Lemon Drops bowl

Gordz Piri-Piri Hot Sauce

Gordz Piri-Piri Hot Sauce

Product details

Sales price: $10.00



Gordz Piri-Piri Hot Sauce ~ Sauce Piquante


Gordz Piri-Piri Hot Sauce is a unique blend of Peruvian Lemon Drop peppers, fresh garlic and lemon with a huge citrus flavour and great heat. We believe that you will love this sauce with fish or chicken and anywhere else you would desire this particular blend of flavour and fire.






Hot Pepper Jellies ~ Gelées de piments piquantes

Mild, Medium or Hot Pepper Jellies direct form Gordz Pepper Ranch! The possibilities are endless!

Des gelées douces, moyennes ou fortes directement de la ferme Gordz Pepper Ranch! Les possibilités sont infinies!

 Jellies 4 Bil framed           Jalapeno Mint Jelly v.4 bil framed

Single Orange Nasturtium NO BKGD


Gordz Habanero Nasturtium Jelly

Gordz Habanero Nasturtium Jelly

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Habanero Nasturtium Jelly ~ Gelée de Habanero/Capucine


A stunningly different hot pepper jelly made from Nasturtium flowers and Habanero peppers, sweet on the tongue with a hint of black pepper flavour followed by a gentle wash of heat.







Gordz Jalapeno Jelly

Gordz Jalapeno Jelly

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Jalapeno Jelly ~ Gelée de Jalapeno


A celebration of the world's best known pepper! Vibrant green jelly with unmistakable jalapeno flavour and medium heat.






Gordz Righteous Red Pepper Jelly

Gordz Righteous Red Pepper Jelly

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Righteous Red Pepper Jelly ~ Gelée de Piment Rouge


Hot Red Pepper Jelly. A true HOT red pepper jelly with a picante mixture of sweet and heat. Fabulous with cream cheese!










Jalapeno Mint Jelly

Jalapeno Mint Jelly

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Jalapeno Mint Jelly ~ Gelée au Jalapeno et Menthe


Fresh picked from Gordz Pepper Ranch just for you!  As Gordz Jalapeno Mint Jelly melts in your mouth, you taste the fresh jalapenos with a refreshing hint of mint!

Imagine the possibilities....lamb, pork....




Heat  3





Condiments ~ Condiment

Deliciously handcrafted all natural accompaniments for all your favorite dishes! 

Nous avons cuisiné avec soin ces délicieux condiments naturels pour accompagner avec délice tous vos plats favoris.

Sauces 3 Bil framed                   KK  PJ Bil framed                    PJ CB BH framed


Gordz Spicy Cranberries

Gordz Spicy Cranberries

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Spicy Cranberries ~ Sauce de Canneberges Épicée


A delightfully different take on Cranberry sauce. Sweet on the tongue followed by the tang of cranberries and spice with a bit of heat on the end dancing delectably with turkey, chicken or cheese! Gordz Spicy Cranberries are decadent drizzled over baked brie with a fresh baguette and a glass of wine ~ sublime!





Gordz Salsa Verde

Gordz Salsa Verde

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Salsa Verde ~ Sauce Verte


The full flavor of fresh tomatillos, jalapenos, cilantro and fresh lime juice. This is a light fun salsa verde, true to the Mexican tradition. Gordz Salsa Verde can be used as a dipping sauce on its own OR as an ingredient for your chicken enchiladas and other greate Mexican dishes!






Gordz Spicy Red Relish

Gordz Spicy Red Relish

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Spicy Red Relish ~ Relish Rouge Épicée


Like Mom used to make! She may have called it Ketchup or Chow Chow, but it is a flavour we all know with an added twist of heat.

Great with burgers, hot dogs and on the side with meatloaf!




 HEAT  5



Gordz Kickin’ Karrots

Gordz Kickin’ Karrots

Product details

Sales price: $6.00


Gordz Kickin’ Karrots ~ Karottes Kamikazes


Dill carrots fueled by super chilis.


Gordz Kickin' Karrots make tasty swizzle sticks for your caesars or a healthy snack all on their own!






HEAT   4                                 


Gordz Pickled Jalapenos

Gordz Pickled Jalapenos

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Pickled Jalapenos ~ Jalapenos Marinés


Pickled whole peppers, medium hot with that unmistakable Mexican flavor. 



Nachos anyone?











Gordz Cherry Bombs

Gordz Cherry Bombs

Product details

Sales price: $6.00

Gordz Cherry Bombs ~ Piments de Cerise Marinés


Stunningly beautiful peppers, thick fleshed and flavourful, pickled to perfection. 


A great side with your smoked meat sandwich!







HEAT   6




Spices / Épices

100% Pure Pepper Powders for all your epicurean needs!  

Poudres de piments 100% pures pour tous vos besoins épicuriens!



Credit Card Orders Now Accepted by Telephone!


Shipping only $15 for up to 12 bottles!

Livraison seulement 15$ jusqu'à 12 bouteilles!


Gift Baskets Available to order!

Paniers cadeaux disponibles sur commande!


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                                                 Proudly CDN


Gord in the Garden 200























Gord in the field

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Nov. 11 & 12

10 am to 5 pm

Shaw Center, downtown Ottawa


Cairine Wilson Christmas Bazaar

Nov 18

9 am to 3:30 pm

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Nov. 26

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St. Anne's Christmas Market

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St. Georges Church, St. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec 


Living Locally Fair

Jan. 20

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St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School, Russell



Customer Reviews:

"Attention all lovers of hot sauce products: We live in an age where sadly the majority of hot sauce manufacturers spend far too much time designing comical labels, and not enough time on product quality. These same products come with the promise of unparalleled mouth watering hot pepper goodness, and instead at best deliver diluted mediocrity. Out of the broken shards of unfulfilled empty tiny bottles has risen a hot pepper phoenix. The company name is GORDZ HOT SAUCE and is in my opinion THE only hot pepper product available today that delivers in spades the promises that everyone else can only dream of. Now if this comment strikes you as being a little bit “over the top” guess again … this stuff really is that good and more. From jar to jar, month to month, and year to year, not only is the product of consistently high quality, it actually seems to be getting better. I have no idea how they do it so well, and I don’t really care … as long as they keep doing it. Don’t waste your time with off the shelf catchy label dilutions any longer. Get the real thing and more, every single time with GORDZ HOT SAUCE."

Paul Menard

"It has been over a month since I scraped the dregs out of my last bottle of Gordz Hot Sauce. For as long, a tiny dark cloud has been shadowing all of my midnight forays into the refrigerated abyss that is my domestic snack cache. There, on the ledge, steadfastly staring through me, are three empty bottles of your hell's nectar. All perverse reminders of what once was. Why I have not disposed of them is truly beyond my comprehension. Perhaps they have become tiny shrines to the gods of fire, flavour and fromage! Yet, it is not like I haven't tried to fill the void. Copious amounts of dried cayenne, jalapeno peppers and goodness forbid, mass produced, store bought vermilion hued liquified salt. Gasp! I just ate six cloves of raw garlic... Gord, grand sage, alchemic wizard of capsicum, what feverish curse have you shone upon me! There was a time, long ago, when a piece of cheese on a wafer inspired a mild bliss. But now, in the absence of your condiments, all savoury treats are but gnarly twigs sprouted from the frozen tundra. Alas, there is no turning back and the lure of tastier things mustn't be ignored. I am guided by my senses and surely a blazing star shines above your pepper grove and it is in this direction that I shall tread. Cheers to you, O Evil One! "
Mark Cartile

I've been buying Gordz Hot Sauce in various forms, Regular, Scorpion, and XXX for the last two years. I put it on almost everything except ice cream. HMMM that gives me a thought? I've tried hot sauce from Trinadad to Texas to Thailand and there is no comparison. It's not just the heat, it's the overall blending and flavoring that compares to a fine cognac or brandy. Hmmm, another thought just came to mind? I just had some Gordz on my scrambled eggs and perhaps that is why my thought process is running so high. Having said that, this sauce must be checked for it’s scientific, and cognitive value as well. Such clarity!!! I have spoken to Gord at length and must say that he is indeed a hot sauce specialist. He grows everything from scratch, and you can taste the heart and soul that he puts into every savoury jar!!! This is the only Hot Sauce in my fridge, and it “Stands Guard” over all other condiments. How Canadian is that!!! This sauce is world class and will certainly become a household name one day soon. In my household it rules!!!

Brian Douris – The Wailing Hobos




(** Selection may vary by location)

- Que de Bonnes Choses, Hudson, PQ

- St. Albert Cheese Factory, St. Albert, ON

- Herb & Spice Food Shop, 375 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON

- Seed to Sausage, 729 Gladstone Ave., Ottawa, ON

- Henderson's Grocery, 187 Military Rd., Lancaster, ON

- Mon Boucher, 383 Grand Boulevard, L'Ile-Perrot, QC

- Emulsify, 1283-B Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON

- B&H Your Community Grocer, 301 Rideau St, Kemptville, ON

- Bearbrook Game Meats, 5396 Dunning Rd., Navan, ON

- Butcher's To Go, 413 Main St., Alexandria, ON 

- Marrow and Spice, #40 - 812 Pitt St., Cornwall, ON 

- Les delires du terroir, 6406 Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC

- The Beckwith Butcher, 1 Costello Drive, Carleton Place,ON

- The Glebe Meat Market, 869 Bank St., Ottawa, ON

- Country Depot, 26 Home Ave., Vankleek Hill, ON

- Bob's Butcher Shop, 2808 Princess St., Kingston, ON

- General Brock Commissary, 86 Brock St., Kingston, ON

- Le Panier,274 Chemin Lakeshore, Pointe Claire, QC

- The Butcher's Edge, 109 Gore St. E, Perth, ON

- La Rumeur Affamee, 15A Principale N, Sutton, QC

- Les Fermes Valens, 62 York, Huntingdon, QC

- Herb and Spice, 1310 Wellington St W, Ottawa,ON

- The Unrefined Olive, 499 Terry Fox Drive, Kanata, ON

- The Unrefined Olive, 151 Second Ave, Ottawa, ON

-  Jade Garden Flowers & Gifts, 85 Main Street East Vankleek Hill, ON

- The Community Market, 16133 Cty. Rd. 36, Long Sault, ON

- Saslove's Meat Market, 50 Byward Market, Ottawa, ON

- The Hill Butcher, 2339 Ogilvie Road, Gloucester, ON

- 2 Rivers Food Hub, 5000 - 361 Queen St., Smiths Falls, ON

- Espace Houblon, 315 boul. Curé-Labelle, Fabreville, PQ

- Espace Houblon, 500, Montée Masson, Local 102, Mascouche, PQ

- Espace Houblon, 180, 25e avenue, Local 103A, Saint-Eustache, PQ

- Lavergne Western Beef, 3971 Navan Rd., Ottawa, ON

- Valley Custom Cutting, 159 Lombard St, Smiths Falls, ON

- Marche Hintonburg Market, 1059 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, ON

- Kitchenalia, 274A Richmond Rd., Ottawa, ON

- Mr. Wes, l'Épicerie du Vieux Montréal @ 400 rue de la Commune Ouest
  Montréal, QC

- Foodland Vankleek Hill, 5666 Highway 34 Vankleek Hill, ON